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Bright and Functional Attic Bedroom – How to Create One?

Bedroom attics are by no means one of the most unique and romantic spaces. Still, it’s also one of the most challenging projects regarding interior design. Typically, small spaces with sloping ceilings make it hard to find stylish and functional furniture, not to mention efficient yet stylish window treatments. However, the expectation of creating a relaxing and practical oasis remains, despite the non-standard construction. You’ll find valuable interior designers’ insights on creating bright and functional bedroom attics here.

Layer Lighting and Let in Natural Light

In order to make your small attic bedroom cosy and bright, well-thought-out lighting is one of your first tasks. Attics are usually small and lack natural light. Therefore, interior designers notice – a relaxing attic bedroom is about smart artificial lighting layers. It should be planned in a way to reflect your routine and habits. Think of task and accent lighting to complement the general lighting.

Even if there’s usually less natural light in this space, try to get the most out of even the tiniest window. Obviously, you’ll have to find something to cover the window or windows during hot summer days. Sloping ceilings make it hard to fit something of traditional window treatments. So, think of modern solutions – automated and even controlled remotely. Outdoor skylight shades are perfect in this case. It’s worth looking into made-to-measure, waterproof fabrics exterior roller blinds.

Make the Room Look Bigger

Depending on the interior stylistics, the colour palette will differ. However, if you’re after bright and light-feeling spaces, stick to the neutral colour scheme – coordinate walls, flooring, and furniture colours. Combine warm tones of brown, grey, taupe, and black. Concentrate on natural materials for that Scandinavian minimalism look. The less cluttered, the more functional the space will be.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Choose airy and light fabrics
  • Move the furniture out and away from the walkway
  • Get rid of heavy draperies and dusty carpets
  • Choose more reflective surfaces
  • Look for transparent materials (e. g., glass or Lucite)

An interesting fact about see-through materials, for instance, glass – not only it provides the feeling of lightness, but it also makes the room look bigger. Choosing see-through materials, anything beyond will look further away. A good example could be glass or Lucite tables and shelves.

Prioritise Functionality

When it comes to functionality, choosing stylish and practical furniture is crucial. It’s easy to make a small room feel cluttered, let’s be honest – bedrooms especially. Thus, invest in multifunctional pieces and smart storage solutions. Maybe some manufacturers offer specific collections for attics or at least small studio apartments? Avoid small furniture and accessories; opt for a few large, simple pieces.

The key to a bright and functional attic bedroom is letting the light in, creating lighting layers, reducing clutter and prioritising practical furniture and storage solutions. One more thing – despite the interior style, don’t forget a personal touch.

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