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German online shops are separating from PayPal – Bitcoin could be an alternative

Many German online shops have recently stopped offering the American payment service PayPal as a payment method. And for good reason, because PayPal has asked many internet retailers to stop selling Cuban products. This was justified with the US embargo against Cuba, which PayPal also wants to implement in foreign subsidiaries.

For example, PayPal has asked Rossmann Online GmbH to stop selling Cuban cigarillos, otherwise the joint business relationships would be terminated. Rossmann resisted this kind of paternalism and for his part no longer offers PayPal as a payment method. Customers still have the option to buy Cuban cigarillos, but can now only use the payment methods credit card, instant transfer, direct debit or prepayment. But Rossmann is not an isolated case, other online shops such as or, which also sell Cuban products, are also affected. Cuban products are still being sold there, but without being able to pay with PayPal.

The online shops concerned point out that a trade embargo against Cuba is not valid in Europe. It is also incomprehensible for the operators of the online shops that PayPal’s attempt to implement the US embargo has not been asserted for all Internet retailers.However, it can be assumed that PayPal will extend its claims to all Internet shops that the company knows as a dealer of Cuban products. Perhaps bitcoin ATMs will be available over time, but for now you can learn more about them .

Cases like this show some advantages of the electronic and decentralized currency Bitcoin. With the Bitcoin it is possible for consumers to make their purchases on the Internet securely, anonymously and without high fees, without the possibility of accounts being frozen. In transactions with the Bitcoin, the interests of customers are preserved as well as those of internet retailers. Because the operators of sales portals want to offer their visitors trustworthy and convenient opportunities to pay for their goods and services. At the same time, they want to prevent payment defaults. Bitcoin offers all of this due to its decentralized structure, security against forgery and ease of use. With Bitcoin, online shops and consumers remain free in their decisions and are not subject to the arbitrariness of Internet payment services.

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