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Why Do People Use Picote Cutters?

Picote cutters are used to clean the drains without the need for excavation. It works with the help of a robotic camera. The camera captures the status of the drainage system from deep inside. Picote cutter is one of the most powerful means of cleaning the drains and is used by people across the world.

Benefits Of Using Picote Cutters

Picote cutters are widely used by people for their updated features and modern technologies. The advantages that one can get out of using these cutters are:

  • Simple To Use: Drain cleaning is always a tough task as the professionals have to excavate from the deep inside to make the cleaning from the root. But this job has been made with these cutters. They are even useful for pitch fibre drains
  • Efficient Cleaning: the cleaning of drains with picote cutters is very much efficient and less time-consuming. So you can do cleaning with more perfection and also, save a lot of time at the same place.
  • Capturing The Status Of The Drains: A picote cutter work with robotic codings. A hidden camera is installed inside the cutters that capture the status of the drains. That is why one can also detect what is the condition of the drains and therefore, can do the needful to resolve the issue (if any). For example, it can detect pipe infections or failed gaskets and let you get the problems resolved immediately.

There are many other benefits associated with the picote cutters that you can explore while using the same.

Different Types Of Picote Cutter

There are different types of picote cutters available in the market that is used by drain cleaners. If you find it difficult to choose the right one that will suit your requirements perfectly, then here are some of the most common types are:

  • The Twister Range: The drains can be connected by the twister range. It works on plastics, cast iron, and clays also. Two other types of twister range are twister express type and twister mini type. Both types have their specializations and specifications.
  • Maxi Miller Power Plus Twister Express: This cutter type is slight a bit faster than the traditional Picote cutters.
  • Maxi Power Plus Cutter Range: This is a light weighted cutter type with slightly faster cutting abilities than most of the cutters.

Keep pitch fiber drains or other drains cleaner with the best picote cutters. Hire professionals now!

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